Welcome to my Designer Profile

About Me

Name:Marvin Mangat
Age: 15 Years old
Ethnicity: Kiwi-Filipino
Town Living in: Wellington New Zealand
Sports: Football Mostly, enjoy other sports like esports,badminton and tenis
Passions: Gaming, desigening,Art

Interst And Passions

Some of my interts are Sprts such as football,badmintin and tenis. Other interst are gaming.Games i like to play are Csgo and Overwatch. I would desraibe myself as a team player and leader. I think I am felxible player and can play many different roles such as a team leader leading my team and using their skills to their best and putting them in the best position where their skills will come in handy. Support player my helping out my team mates and even switching positions with my other team mates if not not doing so well.


Filipino flag to represent my culture

The New Zealand flag represents where I was born